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After all, Miscavige is at the center of a firestorm of abuse allegations , and his church has been accused of widespread human rights violations . So why did Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado decide to show up with Miscavige this past Saturday to inaugurate Scientologists' new megacenter on South Dixie Highway? He says the answer is simple: Regalado tells New Timesthat he views Scientology the same as any other religion accused of wrongdoing. "People criticize the Adventists because they're strict, the Jehovah's Witnesses because they're different, and the Catholics because priests abused children," Regalado says. "I'm a practicing Catholic, and I don't leave because of some abusive priests. They are a legitimate religion." Regalado says he's aware of the allegations made against the church, many of which were spelled out in detail in Pulitzer Prize-winning author Lawrence Wright's recent book, Going Clear. Wright reports on credible tales of the church forcing dissident members to divorce, locking members away under grueling conditions, and using violence to obtain control. Wright reports about dissidents who say they witnessed Miscavige himself striking and beating staff members "as many as a hundred times." (The church has disputed nearly every point in Wright's book .) Related Stories Mayor Tomas Regalado Opens New Miami Scientology Center Alongside Chief David Miscavige But the mayor says he discounts those claims for two reasons: The church is allowed to operate as a religion by the Internal Revenue Service, and no criminal charges have been filed against Miscavige or other leaders. (Of course, as Wright reports in his book, Scientologists lost that tax-exempt status in Static Contraction Training 1967 and only won it back in 1993 after filing more than 2,000 lawsuits against the federal government, tying it up in decades of expensive litigation.) "They are protected by the Constitution," Regalado says. "They are a religion.

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Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. BCCI misses deadline of naming India squad for Champions Trophy PTI 6 days ago PTI The BCCI today became the only team that missed the April 25 deadline set for announcing the India squad for Champions Trophy with all the other seven countries already naming their team list. Pakistan also named their team today, which is officially the last day of submission of the list to the govening body of world cricket. Getty Images Complete coverage: IPL 2017 The BCCI which is at loggerheads with ICC on a number issues primarily being the massive reduction in their share of revenue has already issued a threat of pulling out of the June 1-18 event in the United Kingdom. India are defending champions. However, the ICC constitution allows countries to name their squads post the deadline under certain circumstances. 21 amazing facts about WWE superstar John Cena 21 amazing facts about WWE superstar John Cena As of now, BCCI is not mulling on extreme step of pulling out but obviously not naming the squad is being seen a pressure tactic. Till late evening, the BCCI has not officially sought an extension, which many Isometric Exercises could perceive as a show of defiance. The BCCI top brass feels that naming the India squad is a mere formality as the selectors know who are the certainties. Virat & Adams Bday wishes to Sachin Tendulkar (Video provided by Wisden)

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